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Steamy Small Town Romance



I may be a mess, but he sure loves to roll in it.

It’s a hell of a fall from the top.
As my future faded away, so did my luck. Now I’m back home, determined to fix my mess of a life. But fate’s decided to play one last trick on me.
Logan King.
My brother’s best friend is the last thing my tattered reputation needs.
Cocky, confident and sexy as hell. Bluerock’s notorious bad boy is enough to turn any girl reckless again.

Maddie’s my best friend’s sister, and I don’t have a death wish. I know the rules. This hot blonde is off limits!
But I can’t seem to shake myself away from her.
With us both working together in her brother’s bar, the temptation is way too much to bare. And with us both back home, facing our demons, we deserve to have a little fun, right?
After all, it’ll just be our little secret…



Running through the storm with her, there’s no place I’d rather be.


I had to get away from the city. The noise, the strangers, the nightmares.

So I came to Bluerock, to heal my grief and soothe my nerves. I probably should have checked the weather forecast first.

Stranded in the middle of the woods, during a deadly storm, is not what I had in mind for a relaxing getaway. And when a heroic hunk of gorgeousness crashes in to save my life, it's safe to say my plans are well and truly lost to the wind.

But I know exactly the kind of man Ranger Haxley is. Colton’s a risk taker, and I don't do risks, no matter how tempting this one may be.



Ever since I found her, stranded in my forest, my luck has shot through the roof.

Tia is gold.

She calls me a daredevil. A reckless adrenaline junkie. Maybe I am, but I’m not giving up just yet, and I’ll do whatever it takes to change her mind. 

So I give her my cabin and try to charm my way closer. But Tia’s no fool. This tough city girl knows how to play me at my own game, and all with a wicked smile on her face.

This smart-ass beauty has got me on my knees and that’s not a bad place to be at all.



When the town’s asleep, he comes out to play.


My fresh start came at a sickening price.

There’s no use in dwelling. I paid it. It’s done. So here I am, learning to live for the very first time.

I want to experience everything I missed. I want to taste it all.

But nothing’s been able to hit my tongue like the gruff bartender next-door.

Tommy’s a devil with blue eyes. I can't resist.

He plays with me in the dark and scares my nightmares away.

But it's a dangerous game, and the closer I let this man get to me, the greater the chances of him ripping my scars wide open and finding out who I really am.


The second I spotted her on the fire escape, I was hooked.

Emilia’s like no woman I've ever met. A free spirit, dancing on the roof in the early hours of the morning.

But this girl has secrets. Heavy ones that keep her up at night.

Not that I judge. Hell, I've got a stack of damage all of my own and no one does trouble like Tommy Anderson.

My reputation is growing darker by the day, and getting involved with the hot ballerina next-door won't do either of us any favors.

But my doll doesn't want the days. She’s content to have me at night. Friends with benefits, she says.

I'd be a madman to turn down an offer like that.


Spicy Romantic Suspense

SG Cover.jpg


The stripper and the bodyguard…


Bailey has a code.

“A one time thing is all a girl needs. Take what you can get, and never lay eyes on them again.”

Well, that was until her boss hired her most recent fling to be Dark Neon’s new security manager. 

Bailey doesn't need a protector, and she sure as hell doesn't need this one pushing her buttons now he's seen how they work.


Greyson didn't take too kindly to Bailey ghosting him, and he's in no hurry to let the girl off the hook. 

With the hate brewing and the lust boiling over, he's more than happy to make her suffer by his side as they work the floor at one of the city's most elite strip clubs. 


But the Knoxleys are protectors. It's in their blood.

And there's a danger out there, picking these girls off one by one.

No matter the fight between them, he’ll stop at nothing to keep this girl away from the claws of another.

Tremble cover.jpg


No one knows the real me.

No one but you.

Talia longs for freedom. Trapped in a dark world and about to be sold into another.

That was until he arrived.

A mysterious brute, dominating the cage of her father’s underground fight club. Rugged, dangerous, terrifying. And until that night, the only man Talia had ever killed for.

With blood on her hands and her world burning down, he’s the only one who can protect her now.

She didn't remember Dylan. He’d forced himself to forget her too.

Fate bound them together in a twisted past and now a bloodied present.

The daughter of his enemy, he should have left her behind. He’s not exactly the white knight this broken sweetheart deserves.

So why did he save her?

Hiding out together in the snow-covered city, old truths are revealed, new lies are created, and these scarred hearts are falling hard.

But freedom has its price. Haunting secrets risk being exposed, and old ghosts threaten to return for revenge.

Will fate keep them together this time, or will their souls be torn apart for good?




Danielle Marx lives in a small town in the north of England, with her fiancé and their son.

After devouring countless books, she decided to take the plunge and write one herself. She is now a full-time romance author, writing steamy love stories that will melt the heart.

When Danielle is not writing, you can usually find her spending time with her family, enjoying the English countryside, or curling up with a swoon worthy book. 

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